Jewelry Care Instructions

Your jewelry is delicate and precious. It should be worn with pleasure and treated with care. 

In order for your piece to become an heirloom, there are some basic guidelines you should follow:

  • Do not shower, swim, or exercise while wearing your jewelry.
  • Do not get perfume, lotion, sprays, soap, oils, or bath salts on your jewelry.
  • Always protect your jewelry by storing it alone and in its original pouch, and do not carry your jewelry in your purse or luggage unless it is safely stored in a padded pouch.
  • Some of our pieces have a Black Rhodium Plating. This plating may wear off with time and use. This is normal and adds to the character of the piece. Should you wish to have your piece refinished, please contact us. A refinishing fee may apply.
  • We always recommend that you have your jewelry cleaned by a professional. We are available to answer any of your jewelry-cleaning questions.